Sell everywhere, manage in one place

Deliver personalized, localized shopping experiences globally with AI-driven platform, integrating seamlessly with your tech stack for streamlined operations.

Delivering shopping experiences

Driving e-commerce success through innovation

At TheShop, we redefine e-commerce by delivering personalized, localized shopping experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and boost your revenue. We leverage advanced AI to integrate and streamline operations, ensuring your business leads the way into the future.


AI-driven insights tailor the shopping experience for each customer, increasing engagement and satisfaction.


Robust API and seamless ERP integration streamline your operations, cutting down on complexities and operational costs.


Embracing headless commerce and omnichannel strategies to prepare your business for future trends and challenges.

Our solution

Discover how TheShop can transform your business, bringing you closer to your customers and driving growth in an ever-evolving market.

  • Multiregional First Approach · Ensure your product data is localized and compliant across diverse regional markets.

  • AI-driven Localization · Product data, including texts, categories, tags, currencies, VAT rates, shipping, and payment methods.

  • Omnichannel · Deliver a consistent and personalized shopping experience across all sales channels with realtime synchronization.

  • Robust API Integration · Effortlessly connect your existing ERP systems, including cart creation possibilities, for seamless data flow.

  • Tailored Solutions · Customize our PaaS platform to meet your specific business needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Sell Everywhere, Manage in one place

Product Data Management

Streamline the management of your product data and ensure it reaches all your sales channels seamlessly. With our advanced tools, localization and personalized distribution are a breeze.

Product data localization
Personalized distribution

Seamless Order Collection and Sync

Efficiently gather orders from your custom-made web platform or preferred channels and synchronize them directly into your ERP. Our solutions ensure smooth and hassle-free order management.

Web or platform order collection
Order synchronization to ERP

Join us on this journey
to create a better shopping experience for everyone.

Discover how TheShop can transform your e-commerce business, bringing you closer to your customers worldwide and driving growth in an ever-evolving market.

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What is TheShop?

The cutting-edge e-commerce solution designed to meet the demands of modern businesses. Here’s a quick comparison to help you understand what TheShop offers and what it does not.

TheShop offers:

TheShop does not offer:

Headless commerce component - API first approach
A traditional monolithic platform
Cart compatibilities to create custom websites on it
Expensive to maintain custom-made administration
Real-time connection with platforms like Shopify
Frontstore out of the box, ready to use
ERP integration with two-way data synchronization
Old-fashioned one way CSV/XML data synchronization
Product experience management (PXM, PIM)
Standalone PIM without CART and orders functionalities
Multiregional first approach
Single country oriented solution
AI-driven localization and automation
Manual data management
Omnichannel data distribution
Single-channel, one-way integration
Advanced content & orders management
All-in-one e-commerce solution
Scalable PaaS with tailored solutions
Fixed SaaS inflexible software

Designed for all use cases

Tailored solutions to save operational costs and manage products faster.

Optimize your Product Management with TheShop

As a Product Manager, you are responsible for ensuring that your product data is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible across all channels.
TheShop simplifies this process, providing you with powerful tools to manage your product catalog effortlessly.

Centralized product data management · Easily manage and update product information from a single platform.
Automated localization · Ensure your product data is tailored for each market with AI-driven localization.
Real-time synchronization · Keep your product data synchronized across all sales channels for a consistent customer experience.
Boost Your Marketing Efficiency with TheShop

As a Marketer, your goal is to engage customers with personalized and relevant content. TheShop equips you with the tools to improve your marketing performance through localized and personalized shopping experiences.

Localized marketing content · Tailor your content for different regions, ensuring relevance and engagement.
Personalized customer experiences · Deliver personalized shopping experiences in every sales channel.
Global customer engagement · Engage customers globally, enhancing your reach and impact.
Enhance your translation workflow with TheShop

As a Translator, you need to ensure that content is accurately localized for different markets. TheShop streamlines this process, making it easier for you to manage translations and maintain consistency.

Automated content localization · Utilize AI to automate the translation of product data and marketing content.
Consistent terminology management · Maintain consistency in translations with centralized terminology management.
Multiregional Content Distribution · Ensure translated content is effectively distributed across all relevant markets.