Why choose headless e-commerce?

If you do business in the area of e-commerce, it is certainly clear to you that keeping up with the times is a must. Have you ever updated a front-end or back-end system only to find that it brought you an endless number of worries?

Headless e-commerce may be just the solution you need. Do you know how it works, what it is based on and why you should think about choosing to use it? You’ll learn everything you need to know in our blog.

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Headless e-commerce is an increasingly used concept among professionals. This is a unique and truly timeless technology with irreplaceable benefits in terms of control, security of the innovation process and adaptability (in response to increasingly extreme changes in the market) for an e-shop. Headless e-commerce is based on an Application Program Interface (API) and offers fast and reliable services. With the arrival of this technology, companies should be capable of reducing their reaction time to expected and unexpected changes, especially compared to (non)headless competition. But let’s go back to the very beginning and look at the essence of headless e-commerce.  

What exactly is headless e-commerce?

Headless e-commerce is characterised by the revolutionary division of the functions of e-commerce platforms, separating the “head” (the front-end) from the rest (the back-end) of the e-commerce application. To clarify briefly, in the world of technology, the front-end is the part of the site visible to customers, while the term back-end includes the whole information technology system on which the platform’s operation is based.

It’s this step that will free your site from the limits of templates or countless updates that accompany an application. With an imaginary “shrinking of the head” you will lighten the presentation layer of the web page – it will be less restricted and will offer you the option of optimizing it exactly according to your ideas. This type of e-commerce architecture is thus the basis of freedom when building anything; it allows you to enrich the customer experience with something new and offers control and security not only in everyday processes, but also in the long-term direction of the company. 

  • A “single body” of traditional web structures
  • When layers are separated – API website structures
  • 5 reasons to choose headless e-commerce
    1. Back-end flexibility
    2. Omnichannel options
    3. Control of integration
  • No risky step into the unknown

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