What is the Product Experience Management (PXM) and why do your customers going to love it?

PXM and PIM in commerce

Why do you need PXM?

In today’s competitive commerce landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance their product offerings and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Two key solutions that play a pivotal role in achieving these goals are Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Experience Management (PXM).

“Use PXM for increased customer engagement, loyalty, and sales.”

Ivan Šidla, CEO TheShop

With TheShop PXM, you gain a comprehensive solution for centralizing and managing your product data, enriching it with engaging content, and effortlessly distributing it across various channels, languages and domains. Whether you need to update your product catalogs, ensure data accuracy, or create immersive experiences.

TheShop PXM serves you with an advanced tool within our headless commerce solution, streamlines sales channels by multilingual, multidomain, multicurrency tool powered by AI. Manage all products in one single place, distribute everywhere without limitations using API or simple CSV/Excel, XML files. No needs to change your e-commerce platform, better upgrade to higher lever of product management with us.

Key Differences between PIM and PXM

PIM emphasizes the centralized management of product data, ensuring its accuracy, completeness, and consistency. It serves as a centralized internal hub for organizing and maintaining comprehensive product information, including attributes, texts, specifications, images, videos, and pricing.

Enrichment, and distribution across multiple channels, enabling businesses to maintain a single source of truth for their product information.

PXM revolves around curating captivating product experiences for customers. It involves optimizing product content for different channels, personalizing the customer journey, and delivering consistent brand messaging. PXM ensures that customers have access to rich, engaging, and informative content across touchpoints, increasing the chances of conversion and fostering brand loyalty. Use PxM for increased customer engagement, loyalty, and sales.

“Consumers are increasingly looking to use a digital product shelf like Amazon to discover and buy products. So, brand leaders need tools to work more efficiently. Enter PXM aka Product Experience Management.”

Dennis Peek, Lead PXM EMEA, WT Commerce

How World TOP brands use PXM?

To showcase you a breathtaking product experience lets see how top brands use PXM. A shiny example comes with most valuable brand of the world in 2023 Apple, world’s largest technology company with value 880 billion USD.

You can clearly observe how product information is surrounded by lifestyle building product informations, providing much more than just a basic selling point informations. Cross-sales and up-sales has never been easier.

TheShop PXM

To support your e-commerce endeavors, we offer TheShop PXM as part of our headless commerce solution. TheShop PXM enables you to leverage the power of multilingual, multidomain, multicurrency, and omnichannel capabilities to deliver exceptional product experiences. It seamlessly integrates with your existing e-commerce systems and allows you to connect your data in ERP into the PXM via CSV/Excel, XML, or API in speed of light.