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Earn up to 2 000 € yearly in passive income over the client’s lifetime.

TheShop takes care of the backend, freeing up agencies to concentrate on website design with greater precision. By leaving the administrative issues to TheShop, agencies can focus entirely on their creative work and what matters most.
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The Benefits we offer

Partnering with TheShop has several advantages for your business

There are relevant reasons why partnering with us would be a good idea.
Benefits for you

Referral fee up to 20%

Get up to 20% for each client that subscribes to TheShop’s professional or enterprise pricing level, where we are talking about an annual commission between 500 - 2 000 €.

Lead generation

Effortlessly acquire clients that align with your specific needs, without any additional exertion.


If you encounter any issues with TheShop administration, such as adding new products or maybe set multiple languages, TheShop team will provide assistance and relieving your team of any related burdens.

Assistance of developers

We assist with API frontstore integration. Keeping up to date the technical documentation. Our developers stay in touch with you sharing Slack channel.


Cooperation with us, in addition to a supercharged headless e-commerce platform, will bring you a presentation on our website, social networks or in an engaging case study.

Migration support

5 domains, 50 000 products to be migrated to the single administration TheShop? We did it already, so will help you as well.
Designed for Developers and Agencies

Become our premium partner and get a lifetime commission

B2B that makes sense

Discover the right partnership program made just for you

We currently offer three two of partnerships.

Agency partners

By integrating TheShop administration, we provide exceptional solution and support to your clients. Plus, earn up to 20% referral fee on the client's contract.


A partnership focused on your software application connected with TheShop using API. Once connected, our administration can share data and provide updates to all users in real-time.

Marketplace partners

Our e-commerce marketplaces cater to both B2B and B2C businesses, empowering online stores to broaden their reach and tap into a wider customer base.
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