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Integrated Retail Experience

Omnichannel approach

Regardless of how or where customers engage with the business, provide them with a consistent and convenient shopping experience across all channels, marketplaces, in-store, mobile, and social media. PIM increase customer engagement, loyalty, and sales.

Dynamic Currency Display


Your customers can easily choose currency its prefer the most. Allowed currencies will automatically appear on the front-store based on automatic conversion and price rules set directly in TheShop administration.

Language Diversity


A multi-language approach allows automatic language detection, language switching, and multilingual customer support. Businesses can increase sales and revenue, as well as improve customer satisfaction and loyalty on different markets by choosing multi-language approach.

Cross-Domain Administration


Manage multiple e-shops on different domains with the same or different products from one administration, regardless of language or location. Reduce the risks associated with relying on a single product or market by diversifying revenue streams.

Migrate with ease

Switch is easy with our assistance

An innovative approach separating design from administration to create efficient and future-proof shopping experiences.

  • Migrate your data easily
  • Get premium support
  • Enjoy the benefits of fast and feature-rich administration
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